2021 ProTeam Entry


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Enter a Pro Team into the SAPRF National Pro Team series.

The following rules outline the Pro Teams series.

  • Pro Teams (Sponsored Teams) are made up of 4 competitors (Full Members) that compete in SAPRF National matches during the course of the year.
  • A Team Score from a match is the total of the 2 (or 1) highest placed team member(s) at that match based on their Division scores.
  • The Winning Pro Team at the end of the year is the team with the highest score from their 5 highest Team Scores in the year.
  • In the event of a Tie, the 2 highest placed team member’s overall National Championship match score will determine the tie break.
  • Pro Team members may be added at any time (to a maximum of 4), however their Team Points will only be accumulated from the date when they were added to the team onwards.
  • Pro Team members may not be removed or substituted after they have been added to a team.
  • An athlete may only belong to a single Pro Team at any one time.
  • A Named Sponsor is a Sponsor or Brand who’s name appears in the ProTeam’s name.
  • A maximum of 2 Named Sponsors are permitted per ProTeam.
    • Only Named Sponsors may be permitted within the team’s Team Name.
    • The Team Name is shown on leaderboards next to the scores of each team member regardless of the match type they participate in.
    • Note: This does not prohibit a team from having multiple sponsors, merely that only a maximum of 2 sponsor’s name are allowed in reference to the team in the Pro Team Series.
  • A Named Sponsor may only be a Named Sponsor of a single Pro Team.

After purchasing a Pro Team entry, please contact SAPRF to register your Pro Team name and Athletes.

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