The Pro Teams Series is an exciting new team series for Sponsors and Sponsored Athletes.

Pro Team Series Leaderboard

RankTeam NamePro Team MembersTotal
1Gun WarriorGarth Olivier (GP), Konrad Grabe (GP), Le Riche Coetzer (FS), Warren Britnell (GP)194.340%
2VortexHardy Tsao (KZN), Hendrik Nel (GP), Liesl Baben (GP), Van Zyl Arnold (WC)161.321%
3Lapua ArmormaxGrant Anderson (GP), Justin Louw (GP), Perry De Gouveia (GP), Willem Du Randt (GP)72.840%

Pro Team Series Rules

The following rules outline the Pro Teams series.

  • Pro Teams (Sponsored Teams) are made up of 4 competitors (Full Members) that compete in SAPRF National matches during the course of the year.
  • A Team Score from a match is the sum total of the 2 highest placed team member(s) at that match based on their Division scores.
  • The Winning Pro Team at the end of the year is the team with the highest score from their 5 highest Team Scores in the year.
  • In the event of a Tie, the 2 highest placed team member’s overall National Championship match score will determine the tie break.
  • Pro Team members may be added at any time (to a maximum of 4), however their Team Points will only be accumulated from the date when they were added to the team onwards.
  • Pro Team members may not be removed or substituted after they have been added to a team.
  • An athlete may only belong to a single Pro Team at any one time.
  • A Named Sponsor is a Sponsor or Brand who’s name appears in the ProTeam’s name.
  • A maximum of 2 Named Sponsors are permitted per ProTeam.
    • Only Named Sponsors may be permitted within the team’s Team Name.
    • The Team Name is shown on leaderboards next to the scores of each team member regardless of the match type they participate in.
    • Note: This does not prohibit a team from having multiple sponsors, merely that only a maximum of 2 sponsor’s name are allowed in reference to the team in the Pro Team Series.
  • A Named Sponsor may only be a Named Sponsor of a single Pro Team.

Pro Team Entry

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Once you have purchase a Pro Team entry, please get in touch to register the Team Name and Team Members.

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