Match Calendaring

The SAPPRF match calendar directives are put in place to give all Match Directors the best opportunities to fill their matches.

Precision Rifle sport is expensive for most competitors and many can only afford to attend a single match in a month. It’s therefore important to understand that any precision rifle match or training within the catchment area (National, Provincial or District) of a Match Director can impact on other Match Directors within the same catchment area, regardless of that being a SAPPRF match or other.

Running precision rifle matches or training that impact on other Match Directors in your catchment area can lead to unpleasantness and should always be avoided. Should the other Match Directors in your catchment area feel slighted, and complain, then your Provincial ManCo may not approve your match dates in the following year.

Please do respect other Match Directors in your catchment area. We’re all a team in this together.

To get a date on the calendar, a Match Director needs to apply for dates from their Provincial ManCo and in the case of National Matches, also from the National ExCo once they have been approved by their province to do so.

Calendar Rules

The following calendar rules apply to SAPPRF matches:

  1. Maximum of 1 National Match per Province per Year.
    1. Exceptions to this must be approved by the National ExCo.
  2. SAPPRF / PRS-SA SA Individual and Team Championships shall be held in September each year.
  3. National Matches take date precedence over other matches nationally.
    1. Match Directors wanting to host National Matches in the following year must first get approval from their Provincial ManCo, before applying to the National ExCo for a date.
    1. The National Match calendar dates must be settled before 31th September each year for the following year. This allows the Provinces to plan their dates without clashing with National Match dates.
    1. Should a National Match wish to change their date, they will need to get permission from the National ExCo, their Provincial ManCo, the Provincial ManCo that it may impact, as well as any Match Directors that the move may impact on.
      Changing a National Match date should be avoided where possible.
  4. National Matches may not be within 3 weeks of each other.
  5. Provincial Matches take date precedence over Club Matches within a Province.
  6. No Club or Provincial matches can be on the same day as a National match anywhere in SA.
    1. This is to ensure that National Matches can be supported, without conflict, by all competitors within South Africa.
  7. No Club or Provincial matches in the same province 1 week before and after a National match in that province.
  8. A National match may only be applied for by a Match Director after running a successful Provincial match.
  9. The Calendar should be released by the 1st of December each year.

All matches take precedence over training or social events within a province/district.

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