COVID-19 MD Information

The below COVID-19 information and requirements are allowing us to continue or sport during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It unfortunately does add a bit of additional burden of Match Directors and Compliance Officers. We know it’s a pain, but without it we would not be able to continue.

There are no doubt going to be issues at your events with attendees, and we ask you to please be patient with them as much as possible as they are just as frustrated by this whole process as we are. They unfortunately don’t really understand that you’ve also probably been working for the last month and especially the last 72 hours in preparing your event… and your temperament is close to a TriggerTech Diamond on a good day.

We appreciate the effort your are taking to provide Precision Rifle matches in SA.
Many thanks from al of us.

SAPPRF COVID-19 Reporting Structure

Please use the following reporting Compliance Officer structure to send all your COVID-19 Checklists & Registers.

We know this reporting is arduous, however it’s in place for Contact Tracing purposes and to indicate that we’re taking this seriously, and therefore we have to do it.

Approval Documents

Please print the following letters for your matches.

We would suggest that you keep a copy of these letters with you at your venue should you be asked questions regarding Sport Shooting and COVID-19.

Forms & Media

Please see the following required COVID-19 forms and media for your matches.

  • COVID-19 Venue Register
    • This register needs to be sent to your Provincial COVID Compliance Officer.
    • The purpose of this form is for Contact Tracing.
  • COVID-19 Venue Checklist
    • This register needs to be sent to your Provincial COVID Compliance Officer.
    • The purpose of this form is to assist MD’s in making sure that they have covered their bases as best as possible.
    • It’s not a problem if some of the items are not ‘Yes’, merely indicate a reasonable reason why it didn’t happen.
  • COVID-19 Attendee Forms
  • SAPPRF COVID-19 Excel Forms
    • These are the same as the above forms, but in the original format.
  • COVID-19 Signage
    • The below signage needs to be printed and displayed at the registration point and at each stage.
  • SAPPRF Sport Readiness Document.
    • This was the original document that we submitted to SASSCo and the Department of Sport to get approval to resume Precision Rifle competition.
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