Speed Freak

Speed Freak is a flat out, fast as it goes adrenalin filled staged with 1 focus only… pure speed !


Round Countunlimted
Stage Time90s
Max Score6


Rifle and competitor equipment may be staged at the firing location. The competitor may take a brief sight picture of the Course Of Fire through their scope when they stage their rifle.
The competitor will start 5 meters behind the firing line.

1400m14 left of centerline30cm / 2.6 MOA
2400m2m left of centerline30cm / 2.6 MOA
3400m14m right of centerline30cm / 2.6 MOA


At the start signal the competitor will move to the firing location, assume a prone position and engage the targets from left to right (1, 2, 3) and may only advance to the next target once the previous target has been hit. Once the shooter has successfully engaged all three targets, they will then re-engage in the same fashion from right to left (3, 2, 1) starting with the far-right target.


The tests on this stage are:

  • Getting into position quickly.
  • Acquiring the targets quickly.
  • Transitioning from Left to Right and then from Right to Left.
  • Keeping cool while trying to complete the stage as fast as possible.


  • Set your rifle up on the first target, bolt back, and get your rear bag in position.
  • Ensure that you have enough field of view to move from one target to the next.
  • Move quickly, but don’t run – it’ll rapidly elevate your heartrate.
  • Take a moment on your first shot to confirm your impact and refine your wind call.
  • Top-Tip: Keep the recoil line back through your body when lining up on each target. To do this, pivot around the bipod by moving your hips, rather than twisting your torso.
  • When you have engaged the 3rd target… don’t move back to the middle target yet, as you need still to engage the right target a 2nd time.
  • Make sure you follow through on each of your shots – it’s super easy to already be moving to the next target before you’ve even shot what you’re aiming at. Remember: You can’t miss fast enough.
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