Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the following procedures will be required to be followed during SAPPRF events (matches and training events).
For more information regarding COVID-19 in South Africa, please visit

The following procedures have been put in place to assist with reducing the transmission of COVID-19 and yet still allowing matches and training events to continue. We ask that you read, understand and apply the following simple procedures designed to help protect you and your family, and yet still allow you to enjoy your sport.

These procedures might seem like a chore, however; without them we will not be able to continue our sport during this pandemic.

We therefore ask if you could please be patient and act with consideration and decorum at all times.

Social Media at SAPPRF events

Social Media is part of our modern society, and although it provides a fun and quick way to instantly tell others how much fun you’re having, it also presents a self-documented and sometimes an unintentional self-incriminating paper trail.

We merely ask that if you are going to share photographs and videos of yourself and others at our events that you review the media before publishing. Social Media is often a snapshot of a situation which doesn’t carry it’s context, and often those viewing your social media will not have the information available to build an educated summary which can lead to confusion and angst.

Unfortunately there are those, that do not understand our sport or our sporting equipment, that wish to portray us in all in a negative light. Merely think before you publish and inadvertently provide them with the ‘ammunition’ that they might use against you, your fellow attendees and SAPPRF.

Please read our SAPPRF Social Media Policy for better clarity.

Before entering your first event (during the COVID-19 pandemic)

We know you’re looking forward to shooting a match again, however; please be aware of the following pre-match requirements;

  • All attendees at SAPPRF events must have a SAPPRF number.
    • This is available for FREE on the SAPPRF website.
    • Your SAPPRF number is:
  • Match attendance is limited to SAPPRF Members only.
    • Full Membership is R500 and runs from the day you pay for it until the same day on the following year.
    • Temporary Day Membership is R100 per event (added to your entry fee).
  • If you are attending a SAPPRF event for the first time during the COVID-19 pandemic, you will need to complete a SAPPRF COVID-19 Athlete Declaration Of Health Form. (Click here to download the SAPPRF COVID-19 Athlete Declaration Of Health Form) and email it to the SAPPRF National Compliance Officer at

Before arrival at an event

Before you arrive at your event, please ensure that you;

  • Register for the event (match or training) as normal with the Match Director.
    • All entries will be online – No entries on the day will be accepted.
    • There are match and stage maximum number of attendees, so please book early if you want to ensure that you’ll get a slot.
  • Complete the required SAPPRF form and give it to the Match COVID Compliance officer on arrival at the event.
    • Please make sure to bring the SAPPRF COVID-19 Athlete COVID-19 Daily Assessment Form with you. It adds extra strain and time on Match Directors having to provide this for you and then creates delays while you fill it out. (Click here to download the SAPPRF COVID-19 Athlete COVID-19 Daily Assessment Form).
      • You need to complete a SAPPRF COVID-19 Athlete COVID-19 Daily Assessment Form for every event you attend.
  • Please do not provide transport to other attendees that do not reside with you.
  • Please make sure you bring:
    • A set of binoculars or a spotting scope, as you will be required to spot impacts on targets for the rest of your squad.
      • We would suggest magnification of between 8x and 15x.
      • Unfortunately; no binoculars or spotting scope = no shoot.
    • Appropriate sanitisation spray and wipes.
    • Your own food and water, as there will be no catering facilities available at the match.
  • No spectators (even if they are family) are allowed.
  • You will be provided with the match booklet no later than 12 hours before the match.
    • Don’t expect the match booklet more than 18 hours before the match.

Arrival at an event

When you arrive at the event;

  • Please be careful and considerate where you park, and ensure that there is ample space either side of your vehicle.
    • Given that attendees are no longer travelling together, there will understandably be some parking logistics to worry about. Please listen to event staff should there be staff assisting with parking as they will have a better idea of the number of attendees and available parking than you will.
  • Once you have parked, please sign-in with the Match COVID Compliance Officer, where
    • Your temperature will be taken with a non-contact thermometer.
    • You’ll need to hand in your COVID-19 Athlete COVID-19 Daily Assessment Form.
    • You’ll need to sign the match indemnity.
    • You’ll need to sign the COVID register.

During an event

During the event;

  • Please wear a correctly fitted face mask AT ALL TIMES, other than when you are actively competing on a stage.
  • Please maintain a 2m social distance at all times
  • Please ensure that you place your gear at least 2m away from anyone else’s gear.
    • Make sure that your rifle is facing in a safe direction according to the range officers instructions.
  • The number of persons at a stage is limited to 6 people.
    • 1 Range Officer
    • 2 Spotters.
    • 1 Active competitor.
    • 1 Competitor on stand-by.
    • 1 Competitor packing up after their run.
  • Each squad must appoint a single scorer for the match to record the scores.
  • Equipment sharing should be avoided at all costs.
    • Constant sanitising is a pain for event officials to have to worry about policing, and may well not be particularly good for equipment either.
  • Barricades and props that are used during competition must be sanitised (sprayed or wiped down) between competitors.
  • You will need to collect your own brass at the end of each stage.
  • If you need to use the bathroom at the event, please ensure that you sanitise and clean it after use.
  • Warnings – If you do not adhere to the above procedures during the match, the following will unfortunately apply:
    1. First incident: Verbal warning.
    2. Second incident: Verbal warning.
    3. Third incident: Stage DQ (your scores will be zeroed for that stage).
    4. Fourth incident: Match DQ.

After an event

Once the event is over and you have finished competing;

  • Please pack your gear away only once your full squad has finished.
  • There will unfortunately not be a group prize giving.
    • Results will be posted by the Match Director either by email or on Social Media.
  • Sadly, we have to ask that you please don’t excessively hang around and create groups to chat about what an awesome a day you had.
    • This is probably the worst part of these regulations as we all thoroughly enjoy our post match chats, discussions and camaraderie.

We hope that you enjoy your SAPPRF event and hope to see you on the firing line.

SAPPRF Sanctioned Match & Training venues

The following venues have been submitted and approved for SAPPRF matches and training.

Western Cape

VenueLocationDaysTimesAvailabilitySAPPRF Compliance Officer
False Bay Sports Shooting Club GlencairnMon-Sat 10am-5pmRob Ramsden
Sun 10am-1pm 
Rangers Reserve Touwsriver Sat-Sun 8am-5pmMatches onlyStephen Cox 
Overberg Guns and Ammo HermanusMon-Sat 8am-5pmValjean Jackman
Sun 12pm-5pm
Marksman’s Nest Malmesbury Mon-Sat 8am-5pmGeoffrey Coetzee
Durbanville Shooting Club Durbanville Sat 8am-4:30pm
Clay Pigeon Adventures Lourensford Mon-Sat 9am-5pmBy appointment onlyNoel Rowe
LRP, Milnerton Shooting Club Atlantis Wed10am-5pmMatches onlyStephen Cox 
VeelsTeVer FarmConstantia Sat-Sun 8am-5pmMatches onlyRob Ramsden
Loch Lynne FarmPrince Alfreds HamletThu – Sun7am-6pmMatches onlyArnold Rix
Mahenka EiendommeDarlingThu – Sun7am-6pmMatches onlyCharl Gous
Farm GraafwaterDurbanvilleThu – Sun7am-6pmMatches onlyCharl Gous
Bylshoek FarmTouwsrivierThu – Sun7am-6pmMatches onlyCharl Gous


VenueLocationDaysTimesAvailabilitySAPPRF Compliance Officer
Hippo Creek Shooting ClubVanderbijlparkSat-Sun 8am-5pmPerry De Gouveia
Ballistic Beast Shooting ClubParysSat-Sun 8am-5pmPerry De Gouveia
Dwandzani Shooting ClubBalmoralSat-Sun 8am-5pmPerry De Gouveia
Leeuwkop Prison Shooting ClubMidrandSat-Sun 8am-5pmPerry De Gouveia


VenueLocationDaysTimesAvailabilitySAPPRF Compliance Officer
Bela Bela Bosveld Jagters Shooting ClubBela BelaSat8am-5pmPerry De Gouveia

Free State

VenueLocationDaysTimesAvailabilitySAPPRF Compliance Officer
Moreson RanchVredeThu-Sun7am-6pmMatches onlyBrendan Fike
Farm WelgelegenClarensThu-Sun7am-6pmMatches onlyBrendan Fike


VenueLocationDaysTimesAvailabilitySAPPRF Compliance Officer
Farm HopedaleKarkloofThu-Sun7am-6pmMatches onlyBrendan Fike
WintershoekMelmothFri-Sat8am-5pmMatches onlyNico Harris
WhiterocksNottingham RoadFri-Sat8am-5pmMatches onlyErhard Breet
Midlands Tactical MarksmenPietermaritzburgSat-Sun 8am-5pmMatches onlyRyan Purvis


VenueLocationDaysTimesAvailabilitySAPPRF Compliance Officer
Potato Seed plantationLydenburgThu – Fri12pm-5pmMatches onlyErich Venter
Lydenburg Pistol and Gun clubLydenburgSat-Sun 8am-4pmErich Venter

Unrecognised Sport Events

We have been asked by members to provide clarity regarding the implications of attending an Unrecognised/Unaffiliated Sport Event during the COVID-19 National Disaster under the Disaster Management Act, 2002 (Act No. 57 of 2002), as vague information and speculation are making it difficult for members to make an informed decision.

At present the hosting of sports events (matches or group training) that have not been officially sanctioned by the Ministry of Sport, Arts, and Culture is currently illegal under the Disaster Management Act, 2002.

As this is an official government gazetted Act, any contravention thereof is a criminal offence, which can have significant implications with regards to holding a firearm license as well as knock on implications for Shooting Sports in South Africa and general firearm ownership and licensing.

SAPPRF has been given permission to resume Matches and Training at specific venues through the following approval letters:

SRSA recognises SASSCo as the ‘Recognised Federation / Sporting Body’ pertaining to Shooting Sports.
SRSA to SASSCo (Page 1, Page 2)

SASSCo recognises SAPPRF as the sub-discipline of SASSCo responsible for Precision Rifle.
SASSCo to SAPPRF (Page 1)

SAPPRF has approved the following Venues and Clubs to host Precision Rifle matches.
SAPPRF to SAPPRF Match Directors (Page 1)

Each of our affiliated Match Directors have been issued with the above letters for their matches, should they be required to provide them.

Government Published Documents

The below are links to the government published documents regarding the resumption of sport during the COVID-19 National Disaster:

11 June 2020 – Sport, Arts and Culture Directions: OPENING OF SPORT (Contact and Non – Contact).
8 July 2020 – Amended Directions for Sport, Arts and Culture under the Disaster Management Act No. 57 of 2002.
6 Aug 2020 – Amended Directions for Sport, Arts and Culture under the Disaster Management Act No. 57 of 2002.

South African Shooting Sports Structure

Shooting Sports in South Africa are structured in the following manner:

  • Ministry of Sport, Arts, and Culture
  • SRSA (Sport & Recreation South Africa) & SASCOC
    • SASSCo (South African Shooting Sport Confederation)
      • Individual Shooting Sport Federations

SRSA and SASCOC only recognise a single Sport Federation (which they refer to as ‘Recognised Federation’ or ‘Sporting Body’ in their gazette’s) representing a single sport type. In the case of Shooting Sports, SASSCo is the ‘Recognised Federation’. In addition; SASSCo is recognised as a Multi-Discipline Federation which means that it may hold several sub-disciplines within its organisation, where each sub-discipline may only operate the disciplines for which they have received permission to do so from SASSCo.
SAPPRF (South African Precision Rifle Federation) is the only discipline within SASSCo that has been granted permission to facilitate Precision Rifle style matches.

SAPPRF, through SASSCo and SRSA/SASCOC, is therefore required to follow the SRSA/SASCOC rules, regulations and their Code of Conduct. We chose to become a member of SASSCo so that we would be able to apply to SRSA/SASCOC, through SASSCo, for Provincial and National colours to be able to celebrate our athlete’s achievements as well as grow our sport nationally.

Implications regarding the resumption of shooting sport

Unravelling the above, and the gazetted amendments with regards to the resumption of sport within the Disaster Management Act, there are several areas that our members need to be aware of.

While the current Disaster Management Act is in force, attending an unsanctioned/unaffiliated shooting match or training outside of any of the SASSCo recognised associated/affiliated Shooting Federations is breaking the law, and the following implications may occur:

  • Should Disaster Management Officials or SAPS attend an unaffiliated event;
    • they may:
      • Ask everyone to disperse without implication (as indicated in the gazette).
      • They may issues fines.
        • This should not be taken lightly, as a fine in this case is an ‘Admission of Guilt’ and therefore admission of a Criminal Offence with the same implications of successful prosecution.
      • They may arrest those attending.
        • Those arrested will receive an arrest record, which in turn may lead to a ‘Successful Prosecution’ resulting in a criminal record.
    • An Admission of Guilt or a Successful Prosecution in the above results in a Criminal Record, which has very significant implications:
      • A Criminal Record can make it extremely difficult when applying or reapply for firearm licenses.
      • In addition to the direct personal implications, SAPS may argue that Sport Shooters are not able to act within the confines of the law and our firearm rights may be diminished or withdrawn.
        This would obviously have massive implications for all Shooting Sports in South Africa, and it is therefore taken very seriously by SASSCo.
  • Merely by attending an unaffiliated sport shooting event and even if a member is not caught at the time can still have implications later on.
    • If any other member (Think of the next person in line for a team selection) submits an objection or complaint given another member’s attendance at an unaffiliated shooting match, then that complainant might ask for a disciplinary enquiry and a hearing may be required.
      • Even if SAPPRF does not agree with holding a disciplinary hearing, the complainant is full within their rights, under the judicial code of SAPPRF, SASSCo and SASCOC/Province, to appeal directly to SASSCo and failing that, then directly to SASCOC/Province.
    • The problem with the above is that if a member is in contention for a Provincial or National team, and it’s found they did attend the unaffiliated match/training, then because SAPPRF has to apply for colours through SASSCo to SASCOC/Province, then either of those organisations might well turn those colours down due to the member breaking the law. There is nothing SAPPRF can do to prevent this from happening.
      This is especially the case as the section of the amended Disaster Management Act regarding resumption of sport has been provided by SRSA, who are the same government department that authorises National or Provincial colours.

The bottom line is that attending an unrecognised/unaffiliated sport shooting event needlessly puts members, SAPPRF, SASSCo and Sport Shooting in South Africa at risk.

These are difficult times and we are broaching our way through the quagmire of rules and regulations on an ongoing basis to assist our members.

We trust the above information has assisted you in understanding the COVID-19 Sport regulations, requirements and implications.

With provincial travel opened up, there is every reason to travel and attend a SAPPRF affiliated Precision Rifle match near you.

Should you wish to host a Precision Rifle match in your area, please contact us and we will gladly assist you with match setup and COVID-19 match requirements.

Please click here to read through the full SAPPRF Sport Readiness Document submitted to SASSCo & SRSA.

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