Match Fees & Levies

The SAPPRF membership structure is a balance of Membership fees and Pay-To-Play levies where members pay a smaller fee to SAPPRF each year, and members that shoot more matches pay slightly more as per their usage.

Match Director Fees and Levies

There are no direct Match Director fees or Levies. SAPPRF would rather assist Match Directors to run matches and collectively build the sport of Precision Rifle in South Africa.

Competitor Fees and Levies

The following Fees and Levies are payable by each competitor as part of their entry fees, and these need to be incorporated into the match entry fees.

2020 Match Levies

Base Match Levy: R50
Provincial Match Levy: Provinces are able to set their own levies. Contact your provincial ManCo to understand their local levies if any.

2020 Temporary Member Fees

Centerfire Temporary Member Fee: R100
Rimfire Temporary Member Fee: R50

Provincial Match Fee Example
Full SAPPRF member: R450.00 (R50 to SAPPRF, R400 to MD)
Temp / Day SAPPRF Competitor: R550.00 (R150 (R50 + R100) to SAPPRF, R400 to MD)
In both cases the MD receives R400 per shooter.

22LR Match Fee Example
Full SAPPRF/PRS-SA member: R250.00 (R50 to SAPPRF, R200 to MD)
Temp PRS Competitor: R300.00 (R100 R50 + R50) to SAPPRF, R200 to MD)
In both cases the MD receives R200 per shooter.

­Suggested Match Entry Fees for 2020 – (including fees & levies)
National Match: R1300 – R2000
Provincial Match: R550 – R750
Club Match: R400 – R600
22LR Match: R200 – R350

Collection of Match Fees and Levies

SAPPRF will invoice the Match Director once the final match scores have been submitted to SAPPRF after the match.

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