Stage Guides

The following Stage Guides have been designed to take you through what tests the Match Director is setting for each type of stage, as well as the best ways to navigate through those stages, with tips added in from Pro shooters around the world.

Each of these stages create building blocks for new shooters to practise at home to help build great Precision Rifle skills.

2. Speed Freak 2

3. Test Your Limits

4. Test Your Limits : Confirmation

5. Shuffle Step

6. There and Back in a Hurry

7. Big Small – Alternating

8. Big Small

9. Upright Barrels

10. Toppled Barrel

11. Barrel Line

12. Barrels of Fun

.13. High Barricade Arc

14. Low Barricade Arc

15. High Barricade Ladder

16. Low Barricade Ladder

17. Double Barricade Trouble

18. PRS Barricade

19. PRS Barricade Low

20. Half PRS Barricade

21. Tank Trap

22. Tank Trap Tango

The following drawings provide the dimensions of the barricades from above stages.


Low & High Gate

PRS Barricade

Tank Trap

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